Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Isn't There Enough Horror?

A reasonable question. Isn't there enough horror in the "real" world? Why do you need to immerse yourself in tales of horror, movies that make you jump, and games that make you scream? The easy answer is because I like it. I guess the more complicated answer is ... because I like it.

Ok, ok, I know - time to explain myself before you stab me in the eye with a fork.

Sister Who?

Sister Sinister, bitches. Welcome to my Blog. I hope you have come prepared...

 ... pause for obligatory creepy laughter...

Actually, I am neither a nun nor a psychopath but I do have a love of the horror and dark fantasy genres, whether it be books (reading or writing them), movies or games, and though I have and do blog elsewhere, I rather have sucked dismally at keeping up with them. This is yet another attempt at making a go of the blogging ritual and I plan to use it as a forum for just about anything I feel inspired to.

Oh, and primarily to document my woes (hopefully not too many) and woahs (hopefully many) on writing. My writing. Obviously.

So sit back, grab a water liberally dosed with a red colored Mio liquid, and delve in.