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What's Coming to SisterSinisterSpeaks?
  •  "The Sunshine Series" (1/3 books) - Nikki Rae
  •  "Tomorrow is a Long Time" - Tabitha Vohn (November) 
  • "Revised Orders" & "Final Orders" by Irene Helenowski(+ Interview)
  • RIDDLE series, Books #2 & #3 by Robert Evert
  • "Cradle and All" by T.L. Onyx 
  • "PlanetfallZ" by L.E. Howell
  • "The Witch Within" by Iva Kenaz 
  • "The Blessed Man & The Witch" by David Dubrow (+ Interview) 
  • ONE MANS ISLAND by Thomas Wolfenden
  • SHIELD by J.C. Andrijeski
  •  Ruinland Chronicles by CJ Anderson
  • The Human Forged by Anthony J. Mechiorri 
  • "Occupy Faerie" by Marilyn Peake
  • "Unearthed" by Evan Ronin 
  • The New Mrs. Collins by Quanie Miller 
  • Dead in Bed by Bailey Simms 
  • "Dreams, Fiction, & Me" by Agostino Scafidi
  • "Suckers" by Z. Rider
  •  "Your Book Title" - Your Name Here
  • Seven to Die by T.G. Roberts (@ NetGalley)
  • Charming (Curiosity Quills Press)
  • Dead New World (Curiosity Quills Press)
  • "Kindling Flames" - Julie Wetzel (Clean Teen Publishing)
  • "Descending" - Holly Kelly (Clean Teen Publishing)
  • "Anointed" - Maggie May Gallagher (@ NetGalley)
  • "Bliss" - Renee Field (@ NetGalley)
  •  "Blind Faith" by Rebecca Zanetti (@ NetGalley)
  • "The Anti-Matter Chronicles" - Peter Thomas (Story Cartel) 
  • "The Artful" - Wilbert Stanton (Curiosity Quills Press & NetGalley) 
  • "The Eye of Tanub" - M.E. Cunningham (Clean Teen Publishing)
  •  "A Vampire's Soul" by Carla Susan Smith (@ NetGalley) 
  •  "The Woodlands" by Lauren Nicolle Taylor (Clean Teen Publishing)
  • "The Thirteenth Tower" by Sara C. Snider (@ NetGalley) 
  • "The Face Transplant" (@ NetGalley)
  • "The Blackhouse" (@ NetGalley)
  • "The Cowboy and the Vampire" series 3/3 (@ NetGalley) 
  • "Darkness Falls" (@ NetGalley) 
  • "Seven to Die" (@ NetGalley) 
  • "Immortal" (Story Cartel) 
  • "The Boy from Earth" (Story Cartel) 
  • "We From Earth" (Story Cartel) 
  • "Meritropolis" (Story Cartel)


  1. Sister Sinister,

    Hello! Thanks for accepting my book, Totem (Book 1: Scars) for review and interview. I changed the cover of the book yesterday, and the new cover is now listed on Amazon. Do you need me to send you the new cover?

    a.k.a., C. Michael Lorion

    1. Absolutely! And if you have any other promo pictures or author photos you'd like to go along with the interview, please feel free to send: feendrachen@yahoo.com - I'm coming up fast on your book and can't wait!!