Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sister Who?

Sister Sinister, bitches. Welcome to my Blog. I hope you have come prepared...

 ... pause for obligatory creepy laughter...

Actually, I am neither a nun nor a psychopath but I do have a love of the horror and dark fantasy genres, whether it be books (reading or writing them), movies or games, and though I have and do blog elsewhere, I rather have sucked dismally at keeping up with them. This is yet another attempt at making a go of the blogging ritual and I plan to use it as a forum for just about anything I feel inspired to.

Oh, and primarily to document my woes (hopefully not too many) and woahs (hopefully many) on writing. My writing. Obviously.

So sit back, grab a water liberally dosed with a red colored Mio liquid, and delve in.

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