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Series Cover Reveal: The Synsk series by K. C. Finn!


In anticipation of the upcoming release of the third book in the Synsk series by K.C. Finn— A Place Halfway— the entire series got brand new covers. Read below for information on the upcoming release of A Place Halfway by K.C. Finn and find out how you can start reading this young adult series for FREE today! 

COMING SOON: A Place Halfway by K.C. Finn
(Book #3 in The Synsk Series)
Release Date: October 24, 2014

A struggling psychic girl steps out into the big, wide world amidst the murky depths of racial segregation in England, 1961.

As a teenage psychic, Josephine Fontaine knows what it’s like to be different. At Peregrine Place, a school full of youngsters with gifts just like hers, sixteen-year-old Josie is growing tired of her life and looking for excitement beyond the grand manor house’s walls. When an opportunity arises to work in a local music bar, she jumps at the chance, learning to balance her new job with the pressures of studying the ways of the Synsk.

There she meets the charming Tommy Asher, a fellow psychic with a talent for music, and Jake Bolton, a handsome, surly stranger with coffee-coloured skin. Throw in the return of her old crush Dai Bickerstaff, and Josie finds herself embroiled in a drama much bigger than she could have imagined, especially when certain parties take issue to her developing a friendship with a boy who isn’t white-skinned. When a mysterious record mogul offers Josie help to improve her psychic gifts, her world turns totally upside down, and she begins to question everything she thought she knew about the world, her family, and even herself.

Coming of age was never so intense as it will be for Josie in the winter of 1961.

FREE BOOK: The Mind's Eye by K.C. Finn
(Book #1 in The Synsk Series)

A girl with a telepathic gift finds a boy clinging to his last hope during the war-torn climate of Europe, 1940.

At fifteen, Kit Cavendish is one the oldest evacuees to escape London at the start of the Second World War due to a long term illness that sees her stuck in a wheelchair most of the time. But Kit has an extraordinary psychic power: she can put herself into the minds of others, see through their eyes, feel their emotions, even talk to them – though she dares not speak out for fear of her secret ability being exposed.

As Kit settles into her new life in the North Wales village of Bryn Eira Bach, solitude and curiosity encourage her to gain better control of her gift. Until one day her search for information on the developing war leads her to the mind of Henri, a seventeen-year-old Norwegian boy witnessing the German occupation of his beloved city, Oslo. As Henri discovers more about the English girl occupying his mind, the psychic and emotional bonds between them strengthen and Kit guides him through an oppressive and dangerous time. 

There are secrets to be uncovered, both at home and abroad, and it’s up to Kit and Henri to come together and fight their own battles in the depths of the world’s greatest war.

Leighton's Summer by K.C. Finn
(Book #2 in The Synsk Series)

A teenage boy with something to prove gets caught up in a web of crime and deceit in England, 1945.

In the weeks leading up to his sixteenth birthday, gifted psychic Leighton Cavendish finds himself suddenly packed off to Blackpool, a glittering teenage paradise filled with plenty of opportunities for amusement—and trouble—to ensue. With only a preoccupied grandmother to keep an eye on him, Leighton’s desperation for adventure leads him out into a world of holidaymakers, candy and carnival rides—the ideal place to spend six weeks away from home.

But Leighton’s psychic visions are encroaching on his fun, trying to warn him of the danger that lurks beyond the shimmering lights of the Golden Mile. Who are the mysterious thieves Leighton sees in his head and what do they want with the children they seek? A girl called Faye holds the answer, but she has enough problems of her own. 

Amid the climate of a tourist town recovering from the impact of the Second World War, two lost teenagers will discover a shocking truth about human greed and together they will try to fight against it. For Leighton and Faye this will be a summer to remember—a summer filled with challenges that must be overcome.

A summer that turns a boy into a man. 


Born in South Wales to Raymond and Jennifer Finn, Kimberley Charlotte Elisabeth Finn (known to readers as K.C., otherwise it'd be too much of a mouthful) was one of those corny little kids who always wanted to be a writer. She was also incredibly stubborn, and so has finally achieved that dream in 2013 with the release of her first three novellas in the four-part Caecilius Rex saga, the time travel adventure The Secret Star and her new urban fantasy epic The Book Of Shade.

As a sufferer with the medical condition M.E./C.F.S., Kim works part time as a private tutor and a teacher of creative writing, devoting the remainder of her time to writing novels and studying for an MA in Education and Linguistics.

K.C. Finn signed with Clean Teen Publishing in late 2013. Her books The Mind's Eye and Leighton's Summer were released in early 2014.

Want to READ MORE from Clean Teen Publishing? 

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"The Murder Farm" (Tannöd) by Andrea Maria Schenkel, Anthea Bell (Translator)

* * * *
The Murder Farm (Tannöd)
by Andrea Maria Schenkel, Anthea Bell (Translator)

Genre: Crime Fiction

* * * *

I was able to download a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my review, but I didn't know that it was a translated-from-German crime fiction based on a true account until I asked my native German husband to translate the original title for me. (Tannöd is an archaic word, meaning something like 'a lonely place in the woods'.)

THE MURDER FARM is based upon the real life, unsolved murder of a Bavarian family in 1922, on their farmstead, Hinterkaifeck. The author brought the crime forward to the 1950's and a farm named Tannöd, owned and operated by an oppressive, abusive man named Danner. In a series of very short glimpses, we get an idea of the happenings from the perspectives of numerous involved peoples, from witnesses to victims, to the killer.

Skillfully translated, the story is sometimes confusing due to the brief accounts and frequent focus shifts, reminding me of a series of newspaper clippings composed into a timeline. Regardless, it's a great read, especially for it's foundation in actual events. 

The book has also been adapted to film.

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"Wicked Glory" by DelSheree Gladden: COVER REVEAL SPOTLIGHT!!!


WICKED GLORY by DelSheree Gladden
Book #3 in the Someone Wicked This Way Comes Series.
Release day: October 10, 2014

Faced with holding up their end of an impossible bargain, Van and Zander must choose between playing it safe and risking everything. 

Zander has failed to reproduce the spectacular show of power David is so desperate to see again, which puts him on the outs with his supposed mentor. In order to keep their bargain with the Eroi, he's forced to work more closely with them, which means being subjected to Ivy's mind-stealing presence again. Fighting his hunger becomes secondary to convincing her the Eroi are wrong about her purpose. 

Once the most detested of the Roth siblings, Van has now become David's pet. It's clear he intends to take her into his inner circle, but at what price? Van is forced to decide what she's willing to do in order to keep her family safe. If becoming David's protege is the only way... can she live up to his expectations without losing herself completely?


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Wicked Glory by DelSheree Gladden

Wicked Glory

by DelSheree Gladden

Giveaway ends September 19, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
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WICKED HUNGER by DelSheree Gladden


“Save him and hurt him, don’t save him and hurt him. Pain, either way. Delicious pain. Hunger will be the only one that wins. Hunger always wins.”

Vanessa and Zander Roth are good at lying. Their whole life is a giant web of deceit made in an effort to conceal the deadly secrets that plague their family.

Zander will do anything to forget his mistakes, including pushing everyone away. He was barely surviving in his self-forced solitude before Ivy Guerra entered his life. The new girl in school, with her pink-striped hair and unyielding curiosity, incites something wicked inside Zander that can only be blamed on his family genes. Now Zander is forced to fight an internal war and make a choice between loving Ivy Guerra and killing her.

Vanessa wants nothing more than to shed the strange powers she wields and be normal. Because if Van were normal, she’d be able to have normal things… Like a relationship with the boy she’s been secretly in love with for years. Unfortunately, her life is anything but ordinary. That boy who owns her heart just happens to be her brother’s kryptonite and a potential liability for her entire family. When choices between love and family loyalty have to be made, Van finds herself faced with an impossible decision.

As if the Roth family needs anything more to worry about, a vicious plot to expose Van and Zander for what they are is uncovered. When it becomes apparent that someone close to them is at the center of this devious plan, the fight to maintain control and keep their cover ensues. It's a seemingly impossible battle because something is causing their powers to stir stronger than ever before… and it won’t stop until Van and Zander give in to their wicked hunger.

Wicked Hunger is the first book in the all-new paranormal series, Someone Wicked This Way Comes.

WICKED POWER by DelSheree Gladden

“Wicked Power is what he craves. He collects it and turns it into wicked glory—the glory of ruling everything and everyone.”

Even after Vanessa and Zander Roth barely survive the Eroi's attempt to expose them for what they are, they aren't safe. Sitting balanced on the edge of impending death and unthinkable power, they reluctantly turn to the other Godlings for help. 

What they find and learn while being trained by the arrogant leader makes them question whether they are being trained to be a weapon for good or evil. Soon enough, Van and Zander find themselves once again on opposing paths. 

A lot of things happen to Godlings as they near their sixteenth birthday, including the impending full strength of their hunger. When Van starts exhibiting some strange abilities, which include a heightened intuition and frightening visions of the future, she soon learns that she's not like the others. She knows she must do everything she can to protect her secrets from their leader, who will use her as a weapon if he finds out. Thankfully, Van is not alone. She has the help of her best friend—and the one boy she shouldn't be falling in love with—Ketchup. 

While Van is dealing with her own problems, Zander finds himself embracing the training of the Godlings, even though their methods are cruel and harsh. He finds himself clinging to the hope that he can redeem himself, even after falling into Ivy's trap and putting their family's lives in danger. Along the way, Zander finds himself falling for an unlikely accomplice, who has him wondering if he even loved Ivy at all. 

Redemption and protection both take a backseat when a shocking discovery puts everything they have worked for in jeopardy. The choice between safety and freedom has never been more important, and in the end… they may not have a choice at all. 

Wicked Power is the second book in the all-new paranormal series, Someone Wicked This Way Comes.


Teenage siblings with a dark secret find their lives complicated by the arrival of a mysterious girl.

Zander and Van are tougher and heal faster than ordinary teenagers. However, the price is a terrible, mysterious hunger—a bloodlust that becomes intensified by specific individuals. Younger Van does her best to suppress it so she can have friends and a normal life; Zander instead keeps everyone at arm’s length and warns Van that once her 16th birthday hits and her powers reach full strength, she should do so as well. Ivy, a new girl—cousin to one of Van’s friends—puts everything at risk. Both Zander and Van hunger to hurt her, but Zander falls for her in a push-pull love story reminiscent of Twilight, right down to Zander’s sneaking into Ivy’s room to watch her sleep. Van, however—when she’s not busy with a love triangle of her own, with a mysterious boy she’s just met and her trusty best friend, Ketchup—is suspicious that certain things don’t add up with Ivy. The conclusion, made strong by unraveling secrets and formula-shattering twists, sets up a sequel.

The pairing of a formulaic start and formula-breaking ending makes the book ideal for paranormal-romance readers seeking a new spin on the familiar. (Paranormal romance. 13-17) 


DelSheree Gladden lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children. The Southwest is a big influence in her writing because of its culture, beauty, and mythology. Local folk lore is strongly rooted in her writing, particularly ideas of prophecy, destiny, and talents born from natural abilities. When she is not writing, DelSheree is usually reading, painting, sewing, or working as a Dental Hygienist. Her works include Escaping Fate, Twin Souls Saga, The Destroyer Trilogy, and Invisible. The first book in the Someone Wicked This Way Comes series, Wicked Hunger, is scheduled to be released through Clean Teen Publishing on April 1, 2014.

Want to READ MORE from Clean Teen Publishing? 

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"Sun Poisoned (Sunshine #2)" by Nikki Rae (5 Stars)

* * * * *
Sun Poisoned
Sunshine Series #2
by Nikki Rae

Genre: Urban Fantasy/YA-NAish/Paranormal Romance

* * * * *

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review, and I knew I wouldn't be let down after the amazing read the first book in this series was!

We pick up again with Sophie and Myles (and Boo & Trei!) in New York, where they are getting into the music scene and performing live at the Midnight club. She's doing what she loves best with the people she loves the most, and she's even slowly advancing her relationship with Myles. But Sophie has a lot of demons in her past and far too many reminders on her body to recover quickly, and worse still, it seems Myles may be hiding some things from her. Maybe she should have expected her vampire boyfriend to be holding out, but what if it causes Sophie irrevocable harm?

SUN POISONED is just as fantastic as SUNSHINE was and I am positive that the next book in the series, SUN DAMAGED, will rock my socks off, too. If you're into believable characters in spite of unbelievable odds, then this series is for you.

"Smokescreen" by Tasha Lessey (3 Stars)

* * *
by Tasha Lessey

Genre: Sci-fi/Aliens Infiltrate Earth

* * *

**I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.**

Jack Rossi is an FBI Agent investigating a seemingly random, motiveless crime, but when more mass murders are reported from around the world, it becomes clear that something big is going down. His case appears to be just one of many. You'd think that would be enough on his plate, but now there's something going on with his partner, too, and it's nothing he could think up in even his wildest dreams. Worse still, she might be connected to the very murders he's trying to stop.

SMOKESCREEN was definitely interesting and not at all what I expected, because ultimately it's an 'Aliens Infiltrating Earth' story. As it progresses, it becomes less about the murders and more about stopping an alien invasion, in which the aliens integrate into human host bodies for the takeover. I was admittedly disappointed that the aliens seemed so human, even when seen through their eyes on their dying home world, and I would have loved to see more of the story unfold with the same gripping tension and emotion experienced at the very beginning of the book. But ultimately, the author wrote an invasion book that will appeal to a great many people, and maybe, just maybe, there will be a sequel.

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"Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment" by Better Hero Army (5 Stars)

* * * * *
Plagued: The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment
Plagued States of America #1
by Better Hero Army

Genre: Horror

* * * * *

I was lucky enough to have the author notice one of his books was on my Goodreads To-Read shelf, as he offered me the first 3 books in his PLAGUED series in exchange for my honest review. I can assure you, this was no hardship on my part!

PLAGUED is a very different approach to the zombie phenom, introducing "half-breeds", a zombie-human who belongs in neither world, much like wolf hybrids who aren't dogs and aren't wolves and are therefore much confused about who they are. In this book, Tom has joined his brother in the search for his sister, visiting zombie slave camps in hopes of finding evidence of her whereabouts. While looking for the archives at Biter's Hill, he encounters his first half-breed and he soon suspects that she knows where his sister must be.

Luckily for readers, Biter's Hill loses control of its resident zombie population and the dookie quickly hits the fan. Oh yeah, I'm ready to dig into Book 2.

"Enhancement: Black Market DNA" by Anthony J. Melchiorri (5 Stars)

* * * * *
Enhancement: Black Market DNA
Black Market DNA
by Anthony J. Melchiorri

Genre: Sci-fi Medical Thriller
* * * * *

**I received a copy of this book via free download from Story Cartel in exchange for my review.**

ENHANCEMENT takes place in the future year of 2058 and Christopher Morgan has just had an attempt on his life. In prison. Convicted of dealing black market, illegal genetic enhancements, he wonders if this is why someone is trying to kill him. Weirder still, is the stone-faced man waiting to hire him when he gets out.

Eventually having little choice but to accept the offered position, Chris's suspicions only escalate when a co-worker is killed. Because somehow he's involved.

This book was a lot of fun with brilliant medical thrills, dubious alibis, and a lady scientist who can stand up and knock 'em down in a fight. In other words, awesome.

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Tuesday Treat - Author Heather Beck: INTERVIEW & GIVEAWAY!!!

Readers, have I got a guest for you today! Please welcome the multi-talented Heather Beck, author of FROSTBITTEN!

Rebecca: Welcome, Heather! Thank you for joining us today. I have to ask, because I see that you are also a screenwriter – how different is it to write a screenplay as opposed to a novel?
Heather: Hi, Rebecca! Thanks for having me on your amazing blog! To answer your question, both novels and screenplays must have a solid story, well-developed characters and great dialogue, but that’s where the similarities end. With novels, I can be much more descriptive and delve deep into characters’ thoughts. However, with screenwriting, I have to “show, not tell” so I have many more limitations. Also, formatting is very different, with scripts definitely having a stricter format to follow. Although novels and screenplays differ greatly, I enjoy them both equally. There’s something so special about seeing your ideas and characters come to life, whether it be on page or screen.

Rebecca: Your short bio says that you are working on television shows. What can you tell us about that?
Heather: I’ve created and written pilot scripts (the first episode) for five different television projects. They have all been optioned (picked up by a production company), but that doesn’t mean they will get produced. Too many times I’ve worked with established producers for several months, only to have the project fall through with the broadcaster. It’s my dream to have a TV show one day, though, so I’m not giving up. Right now, I’m most excited about The Horror Diaries – a series based upon my scary books for middle graders, which have sold tens of thousands of copies in six continents! I’m also hopeful about my original series, Camp Strange; it’s such an awesome mix of mystery, paranormal, romance and adventure, and best of all, it’s appropriate for all ages.

Rebecca: Have you thought about writing for the movie industry?
Heather: I’ve had two feature scripts optioned, with one currently in the pre-production stage – the executive producer is seeking financing. This project, The Rarity, is actually based upon my short film with the same title. It was produced in Australia and has done well on the film festival circuit, so fingers crossed we’ll see the production of that movie. In case anyone’s interested, here’s a link to the trailer for the short film, along with behind-the-scenes pictures and video interviews:!the-rarity/c3qn As a fun side note: Vampire Academy’s Lucy Fry auditioned for the role of Jillian Ford – the lead in The Rarity!

Rebecca: Getting back to your books, FROSTBITTEN in particular, where do you get your ideas from?
Heather: For the longest time, I wanted to write a young adult paranormal romance novel featuring werewolves. Frostbitten actually began as a screenplay back in 2007; however, I decided it would work better as a novel since the movie would require a lot of special effects. The inspiration for the book started with my interest in werewolves and the mythology surrounding them. I wanted to stay true to their original mythology (silver bullets, etc.) while also adding my own touches. I just wanted to make this fast-paced love story with relatable characters and a plot that’s filled with twists and turns. Setting it in a small town in the dead of winter was another inspiration because, like werewolves, winter is stunningly beautiful and magical.

Rebecca: FROSTBITTEN is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance. Is this your favorite genre to write in?
Heather: Absolutely! I’ve been writing about witches, mermaids, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, mummies, and several more supernatural creatures for the past 13 years. I started with paranormal horror for kids (found in The Horror Diaries) and then quickly found my passion for new adult paranormal romances (the Legends Unleashed series). Some of my screenplays (most notably, The Rarity) have been young adult paranormal romances, but Frostbitten is my first book in that genre and age category. I love paranormal romances for so many reasons. First, I’m intrigued by stories which are filled with mystery, lore and adventure. For the most part, reading fiction should be an escape, and I love getting lost in fantastical worlds. Second, I love romantic stories which are epic and have consequences, whether good or bad, beyond the two people involved in the relationship. In my opinion, good paranormal romances always have both of these elements. Third, I feel paranormal romances inspire readers never to settle, but rather to seek adventure and true love in their everyday life.

Rebecca: At the end of FROSTBITTEN, there is the suggestion of a sequel but I haven't found any information on that possibility. Can we look forward to one? Pretty please?
Heather: I left some questions unanswered and ended with somewhat of a cliffhanger because I really wanted to write a sequel and quite possibly make it a series. Truthfully, I was hesitant about committing to more than one book since I didn’t know how people would respond to it (although I have eleven books previously published, they were all anthologies or novellas, making this my first full length novel). Reading all the nice reviews has instilled more confidence in me, though, and I’m delighted to say I’m currently outlining the second book. I will be starting off exactly where Frostbitten ended and all questions will be answered. I’m going to delve deep into the lore of the Cedar Falls werewolves and there will be plenty of adventure and action. I promise that what happens will be a shocker, with no character being safe!

Rebecca: It looks like you have a lot on your plate! What do you do to unwind?
Heather: The best way for me to unwind is by being outdoors. I am addicted to the sun, sand and surf and could happily spend forever swimming or just lounging on the beach. I also love hiking and fishing – two activities I’ve done since I was young. Additionally, I love volunteering with non-profit organizations. It’s a huge passion of mine and something I take great pride in. It’s a beautiful thing to make a difference in someone’s life.

Rebecca: Before you go, what can you tell us about future projects and what's coming next?
Heather: My next release will be Shivers, the fifth book in The Horror Diaries series. It includes five stories, all revolving around creepy characters, mysterious towns, and some seriously scary storylines. I promise it won’t disappoint!

--Thank you so much, Heather! You're a real gem and I can't wait to see so much more from you!! Readers, learn more about Heather Beck and her work by following the links below:

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"Night of Pan" by Gail Strickland: COVER REVEAL!!!

Night of Pan
by Gail Strickland

Genre: young-adult, historical-fantasy  
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press  
Date of Release: November 7, 2014  
Series: Book One of The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy  
Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan
Add Night of Pan to your Goodreads 'to-be-read' list.

 The slaughter of the Spartan Three Hundred at Thermopylae, Greece 480 BCE—when King Leonidas tried to stop the Persian army with only his elite guard—is well known. But just what did King Xerxes do after he defeated the Greeks? Fifteen-year-old Thaleia is haunted by visions: roofs dripping blood, Athens burning. She tries to convince her best friend and all the villagers that she’s not crazy. The gods do speak to her. And the gods have plans for this girl. When Xerxes’ army of a million Persians marches straight to the mountain village Delphi to claim the Temple of Apollo’s treasures and sacred power, Thaleia’s gift may be her people’s last line of defense. Her destiny may be to save Greece… …but is one girl strong enough to stop an entire army?  


While studying the Classics in college, Gail Strickland translated much of Homer’s ILIAD and ODYSSEY, Herodotus’ prophecies and THE BACCHAI by Euripides. Living on the Greek islands after college, she discovered her love of myth, the wine-dark sea and retsina. THE BALTIMORE REVIEW and WRITER’S DIGEST have recognized Gail’s fiction. She published stories and poems in Travelers’ Tales’ anthologies and the San Francisco Writer’s anthology. Her poetry and photography were published in a collection called CLUTTER. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gail grew up in Northern California. She raised her children; was a musical director for CAT children’s theater; taught music in schools; mentored young poets and novelists and introduced thousands of youngsters to piano and Greek mythology. Gail is passionate about bringing the richness of Homer’s language and culture to today’s youth.

Find Gail Strickland Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Google +

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 Love Legends
A Fantasy Romance Boxed Set
Jaide Fox, D.X. Luc, Skhye Moncrief,
Sky Purington and Alisha Paige

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Date of Publication: July 7, 2014


Number of pages: 805
Word Count: 397K

Cover Artist: Skhye Moncrief

Book Description:

Steal the keys to five realms with these five fantasy romances for a mere $.99 with this bundle simply bursting with love, lust, and power games. From witches and werewolves to Greek mythology and even Scottish magic, these tales offer an eclectic mix sure to stoke your summer's heat into a solar storm! So, summon your inner warrior princess and ready your charms. Prepare for the battle of the sexes and wizards with hexes, because the only way to defy all evil is to fall in love...and maybe invoke a god!

His Forbidden Fruit by Jaide Fox

First she would become his captive...then he would capture her heart....With his lands cursed to wither and die, a desperate Lord Dominic Rainier learns from a witch that the only way to save his people is to capture the lovely Lady Lilith Somerset … and impregnate her before the next full moon….

Touch of the Gods by D.X. Luc

When Love and War make a wager, what could possibly go wrong? Hephaestus has lived a life of harsh abuse. The lame god knows heartbreak and doesn't believe love is in the stars for him. Little does he know, Eros and Ares puts his love life to the test and leads him to the full bodied, mortal Vanessa. Does he take a chance to open up or continue to believe he's destined to suffer for eternity?

Swordsong by Skhye Moncrief

He's arrived to help her create the perfect bride. His ticket home relies on a lonely woman haunted by more than apparitions. If time-travel duty, romance, and a bit of magic don't help them realize their destiny resonates in mysterious fairy SWORDSONG, all known history could change.

Sylvan Mist by Sky Purington

Coira refuses to acknowledge the Scotsman haunting her.Why should she? She carries no magic and is newly engaged. Though well aware of the mysterious tie between the medieval MacLomains and her Broun heritage, she prefers a proper English gentleman to a barbarian living six hundred years in the past. However, as one whirlwind day will prove, she has little choice in the matter.

Circle City, Lord of the Wolfen by Alisha Paige

Axl Wolfdorn is coming of age, ready for his Unleashing and on the hunt for his Moonswan, the female he will choose for the Chase and the royal Feral Consummation. But how can he consider bonding with a mate when the only scent deep within his nose is the tangy scent of the woman he must now kill to avenge his mother's death?

Available at Amazon BN Kobo

Coming soon to iTunes, Book Foundry and Scribd

Connect with the Authors:

Alisha Paige-

Skhye Moncrief-

Sky Purington-

Tour giveaway

2 $25 gift cards to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble winner’s choice

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What did Sister Sinister think?

* * * * *
I gave it 5 Stars!
* * * * *

It's hard not to gush about collections such as these. Even if you only enjoy one or two books out of the whole bundle, that's still one or two books you got for a steal! In this case, I enjoyed all 5 books, in particular HIS FORBIDDEN FRUIT by Jaide Fox. Like all of the titles in this collection, it was steamy romance fantasy with full stories to support the sweltering attractions (and I like griffins). =D

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"Chills" by Sahar Sabati: Spotlight & Review

Chills: a short story collection
by Sahar Sabati

Genre: Suspense
Age Category: Adult
Release Date: 17 October 2013


The same people are impossibly spotted in two different places at once; a man considers murdering the husband of a woman he loves; while driving home very early in the morning, a driverless car appears out of the fog and follows two sisters home. Fear of the unknown, emotional intensity, and plain old creepiness will give you chills long after you have finished reading the seven stories in this collection.

You can find Chills on Goodreads

You can buy Chills here:
- Amazon
- Kobo
- B&N
- Itunes

About the author:
The author of Spirit Within Club and Chills: A Short Story Collection, Sahar was born the first of three siblings and the first of eight cousins who grew up together. Thrust in the role of head of the brood at a very early age, she honed her imagination by creating stories and plotlines the eight of them could play to all summer long. But soon, her interest in the paranormal took its toll on said brood. Worried on the long-term effects (as well as potential therapy costs) of this continual exposure to increasingly scary stories her oldest was (too) expertly weaving for their terrified ears, her mother gave her a typewriter – and a writer was born. Many books, a couple of screenplays, countless short stories, numerous essays, two blogs, and one Facebook page later, Sahar joined the ranks of Blogcritics, delving into the world of reviews.

You can find and contact Sahar here:
- Author website
- Blog
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram

What did Sister Sinister Think?
* * * *
I gave it 4 Stars!
* * * *

I was given a copy of this short story collection for review and I enjoyed it, even if I didn't find it particularly chilling. That may just be me, however, as very few books these days seem to have the power to give me goosebumps. CHILLS was, however, very well written and enjoyable and I appreciated that the author didn't try to use gore as a means of scaring her readers. Good old fashioned bump in the nights were to be had here in bite-sized pieces, and even if it doesn't scare you, they are fun and easy to read.