Book Reviewing Policy


Due to health issues earlier this year, I have a serious backlog! I'm not currently accepting new requests and will not be doing any book tours until I'm caught up. If you would still like me to consider your work, and understand it may be months before I can get to your book, then please do feel free to contact me.

Updated April 16, 2015 - For more information on the above message, read this post.


I mainly review horror, urban fantasy, sci-fi/fantasy, paranormal romance, and YA with elements containing the above. I will deviate if asked and will do my best to review your work based on your style, creativity, and content, as well as any research, editing, and what I know of your genre.

About My Reviews

I do not get any kind of compensation from doing this. I read to review books because I've learned how difficult it is to self-promote and how hard it is to get unsolicited reviews. I love to read so what better deal than to receive a free book in exchange for my honest opinion?

Well, it turns out that it's not always an easy agreement. For one, I loathe hurting anyone's feelings. Writing a book is a very personal project and because of this, I promise to always try and be as kind and fair as possible, as long as you must remember that you asked me to give my opinion to other readers. I totally understand if you don't share my opinion on your book, and we can even chat about why, but do be gracious and polite. I won't trash on your feelings and I don't want you to trash on mine. Remember that you asked me to tell the world my opinion and I am honoring our agreement by doing so as honestly and respectfully as I can.

I'm not a critic writing for a magazine, newspaper or website. I'm not going to write a big, long and detailed synopsis of your story as part of my review and I'm not going to include spoilers. I'm simply going to write as if I am speaking to a person in front of me and I am sharing my opinion to an interested audience.

Because I believe that it takes a certain amount of inner fortitude to personally ask for a review, I have chosen not to post reviews to the public if I cannot reasonably give a book at least 3 stars. Since you, the author, have opened up a line of communication with me by requesting I read and review your work, I feel it is only fair to privately tell you if I didn't enjoy your book and why. If you still want me to post the review after that, then I will, but otherwise ... However, if I am reading a book because I chose it and I wasn't asked for my opinion... fair game!;)

I have decided to keep a public list of my Read 2 Reviews, both for myself and also for you, the interested party. This way, you can see how many books will be ahead of yours, or maybe you're just curious to see what's coming up! Check it out HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes I am able to read a book a day; other times, due to a chronic health condition, I am unable to get them read that fast and I ask that you be patient with me. That being said, I never mind you checking in to see where I'm at. If you've given me a book and it's been a couple of weeks and you're worried, drop me a message! I certainly understand.

If this agrees with you, carry on! I would be delighted to R2R your work. In fact, it would be my honor.

How I rate:

* * * * * I LOVED it; it was Awesome!
* * * * That book was really Great; it might need a little something, or maybe not.
* * * The book was ok. Maybe it was quite good. But it's missing something. Editing? Content? Maybe it gets puzzling?
* * I didn't enjoy it. It's all over the place, was juvenile, was edited by a chimp, shrubs are more coherent. Or it just really wasn't my thing. ;)
* I hated it. Loathed it. I spit on it.

How to Contact Me

I prefer initial contact through Goodreads so I know you're not a robot and I'm not getting spam bombed with nude love slave adverts. Alternatively, you can reach me at BookBlogs. If you'd like an interview or you'd like to guest post to go along with my review of your book, just let me know! I do my best to get the word out. =D