Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where, oh Where, Have I Been?

Dear readers, I know at least one or two of you have noticed my absence (especially if you've been waiting on me for a review), so you have probably tapped your chin. stroked your glorious mustache, and wondered where I could be. Oh why have I been absent for the last 5 months? Have I been abducted by aliens? Did I join a cult worshiping the purple unicorn? Alas, no. I've been mostly bedridden since Thanksgiving of last year. No joke. I missed holiday and birthday get-togethers, I forgot important dates, a dearly loved relative passed on and I was unwell to the point that I could hardly acknowledge it. If it weren't for my truly precious, loving family, I'm not sure I'd have made it out the other side of this. 

The last two months have been near daily doctor appointments, new medications, procedures, blood tests, scans, and therapy. I've had so much blood drawn, been on antibiotics for a disease I DO NOT have, and wound up crazy ill with some mystery ailment that led to dozens of vials of blood from my veins, side-effect heavy meds, an ER visit, an endoscopy, a brain scan, and lordy I'm just too exhausted from it all to keep talking about it. BUT I will say this - I beg you, pay attention to what medications you put in your body and understand that you know yourself best. Sometimes doctors don't have all the answers and sometimes while trying to help you, they make you worse. Be aware. And advocate for yourself.

Now that I am finally feeling human again, I wish to give my deepest and heartfelt apologies to the authors who have been patiently waiting on me. Likely wondering if I jumped ship and gave up blogging; gave up reviewing. I have not. I just had a forced break from it.

To get back on track and try to find my rhythm again, I must not accept any more books until I have caught up on what I owe. So as of today, I am not accepting new books for review, and I won't be doing any book tours until I have my entire backlog of reading commitments satisfied. If you have dropped me a line in my email (ogeezum, my email is so huge, it scares me so!) or made a request of me through Goodreads, I will gladly accept when I work my way there, if you are still interested, of course. But after today, I won't take on new books until I get caught up. (Hopefully, that won't be too far away, as I did get lots of time to read while convalescing!)

I'll update my blog tomorrow and will get back to posting reviews in a few days. Please bare with me a little longer. And if this message to you is barely coherent, well... I'm rusty.

Best wishes and good health,
Rebecca, aka your sinister sister

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