Saturday, May 2, 2015

NeverEnding Email Foils Plans

So, an update from me, to remind myself to post regularly and so that my readers know I'm truly making the effort to regain my read2review stamina.

I've spent a lot of hours getting back to people via Goodreads, reacquainting myself with the book titles and authors I made a commitment to, refreshing my memory of those books I read while I was stuck sick in bed, and clawing through a gazillion emails, barely making a dent I might add. =S I had planned to get back to a few authors today and then post a review or three, but I got swept away and squished under the weighty mass of messages and emails accumulated over 5 months of inactivity. I *know* there are more author emails - I spotted a couple I can't seem to find again, probably buried some 30 pages back, but I am going to have to call it for today and beg your patience with me a little while longer. I've already overdone the sitting up today and I'm gonna pay for it. I will accept it as my penance but will also accept flogging by  live guppies.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my husband's birthday so I don't plan to be on, but Monday... oh, Monday... I will post a review BEFORE I open that dastardly email! I will conquer you yet, Neverending Email! May the Power of Chihuahua defend you!

Yeah. I'm going to lay down now.

Best wishes,
Your Sinister Sister

P.S. I see that there is still a problem with blogger warning people I'm a scary link. I'd sure like to know why it does that...

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