Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Claimed by the Alphas" by Viola Rivard (3 Stars)

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Claimed by the Alphas
Claimed #1
by Viola Rivard

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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I downloaded this book for free on amazon not too long ago after it was recommended to me by a friend. The hook for me was the somewhat different approach to werewolves in a genre saturated with them.

In CLAIMED by the ALPHAS, the first part of a serial collection, Mila Foster is introduced as the woman who volunteered herself in place of the winner in an unusual lottery. As a means of appeasing the local werewolf pack, and in exchange for receiving their protection from other packs, a few towns have hosted a lottery for the womenfolk. The "winner" is given to the Lazarus pack as a mate to produce pups to keep their kind going. It turns out that werewolf females are infertile, and Mila is in for a surprise when she finds out that this werewolf pack has not one, but two alpha males.

It's a quick, interesting read that I'd like to continue with book 2.

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