Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Curse of Prometheus: A Tale of Medea" by Morgan St. Knight (5 Stars)

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Curse of Prometheus:
A Tale of Medea
by Morgan St. Knight

Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/ Mythology

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I received a copy of this book, along with a media kit, from Bewitching Book Tours. I couldn't wait to get into this book and I wasn't to be let down!

As the title suggests, our protagonist is Medea. That's right, the same Medea of Greek tragedy. The Goddess is traipsing around the Earth slaying the daughters of Lamia, but now she has a new task and it looks like it involves the Curse of Prometheus, an ancient blood-letting spell of murder and power. But that's ok, because she has two kick butt friends to help her. Do the names Orphne and Heracles ring a bell?

CURSE of PROMETHEUS has action and mystery, nymphs and curly haired Gods. It is not to be missed for lovers of Urban fantasy and mythology!

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