Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fluffy Friends Forever (The Adventures of Bobo and Lupe Book 1)

Fluffy Friends Forever 

(The Adventures of Bobo and Lupe Book 1) 

by Curran Geist  
photography by Meghan Traynor

A Children's Book

 * * * * * 

For the past 6 years, I have developed an obsession with chihuahuas. Ever since our little girl convinced us to get one of our very own. It is because of Pika, our special Chi friend, that I cannot see a chihuahua without a little heart melting. When author Curran Geist mentioned he wrote a children's book about chis, I knew I had to have it and he graciously provided me a copy.  

Fluffy Friends Forever is a charming little book about two best friends, Bobo and Lupe, and they begin the series with Bobo feeling a little selfish and not wanting to share her toys...  

Heartwarming with fun photos of real chihuahuas to illustrate the story with, these two pups are sure to teach a valuable lesson and are guaranteed to look cute while doing it. <3

For little (and not so little) dog lovers everywhere.



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