Sunday, October 19, 2014

"The Last Train" by Richard Alan: COVER REVEAL!!!

The Last Train
by Richard Alan

In this short and witty novella, Jake traverses a treacherous path between heaven and hell to reunite with his beloved Bernadette. A vacation celebrating their Silver Anniversary goes very wrong, and so the bizarre journey begins. Jake’s premature death is the catalyst for this comical, suspenseful, and thrilling page-turner. Love is the fuel that empowers his resolute stubbornness.
The Last Train” is a romantic comedy with a symphony of twists that defy an accurate genre classification. You will face the most unusual life after-death situations throughout. Angels and demons fight, and crazy people roam the pages. Humor and horror face our sarcastic hero, labeled “heaven’s most wanted.”
It has been described as, “Laugh out loud funny” and, “Bloody brilliant!”
Like many small packages, it contains an amazing and memorable gift from Richard Alan to you.

* * * * *

Richard Alan is nearing 61 years of life experience this November. From unchained freedom in the late 60’s & Hippie 70’s, to his biker life, and rocking out as a rock band leader, singer, songwriter & soloist through folk, psychedelic, metal, the experimental 80’s, progressive, and Gothic music, he's had quite a life - even without the story of his lifelong writing! He was recently compared to Andy Garcia and ZZ Top because of his beard, and he thought that was pretty cool.

 Primarily a writer of Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-fi with a genre bending Vampire series in the works starting with "The Rising of Julian Adams", he also has a Children's Fantasy nearing publication titled, "The First Adventures of Shawn". He has also written a short story for an e-zine publication, entitled "Encounters with Trixie" that this reviewer had the good fortune to read. It's a sci-fi horror unlike anything you have probably read before, gritty and morbid with a dash of twisted compassion, and you too will have the chance to get your hands on it when it is released as part of an upcoming kindle collection. So stay tuned and get connected!

For more by Richard Alan, please visit him at the following locations and be sure to share!


  1. Greetings Rebecca!
    Now I have another friend, Author Kim Scott, send people your way.
    There is something wrong with Facebook. It pops up a warning that your page is unsafe. What's up with that?
    I've told others that you're safe and just barge on through. Have you run into this before? Maybe Blogspot and Facebook are fighting behind the scenes. It's certainly not unheard of. The big kids on the block might be at war again, and we get caught in the crossfire!

    Oh, another update: My children's fantasy has slipped off my schedule, and I virtually have no presence beyond Facebook and LinkedIn. I'm part of the other social networks, but fall into a black hole when I try to address that lack. This is my internet childhood and I tend to wander or throw rocks at it depending on my mood.

    1. *laughs* I admit I'm not great with all the social groups, though I have joined a few on request, such as Google+. So far, I am staying away from Twitter. That one scares me for some reason... But I am in quite a few blogger and book groups and that has helped me connect with a lot of people! I would suggest trying Book Blogs:

      Regarding the weirdness of the security warning thing, I think it's on Blogspot. I did a little research and found this: - I'm just afraid to try it and lose all of my work. =( But I guess I'm going to have to, huh? And hope for the best. I'll have to wait for a lull in blog tours so I don't miss any of those dates and let someone down!

      Thank Kim Scott for me! I'll have to look her up. =D