Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Note About Upcoming Reviews

Due to a spate of health issues, I have recently been unable to sit up long enough to do more than post a couple of tours in the last few weeks, thus my regular book reviews have fallen off. Because of this, I have decided to post two handfuls of reviews in one great big post on the 17th, Nov. to catch up, but also to give myself a few more days to recover.

So if you are one of the authors waiting for a review from me, check your email and/or reviews on the 17th, and thank you dearly for bearing with me. <3

---Rebecca, your sister sinister 

EDIT: Due to a scheduling conflict, the date of the massive review post has been bumped to the 19th. On the day I post, I will contact the authors by email to let them know. Thank you for your patience.

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