Thursday, May 7, 2015

"Dead in Bed" by Bailey Simms (5 Stars)

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Dead in Bed
The Complete Novel
by Bailey Simms

Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Horror

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I was given a copy of this truly unique and original tale by the young lady who wrote it. Instantly intrigued from the first page, (who wouldn't be? It begins with the main character naked in a motel room with no idea how she got there), "Dead in Bed" keeps you guessing, gawking, and laughing from start to finish.

Told from a first person perspective, our protagonist wakes from a night of sex and booze with no idea how she got to the Starlight Motel or with whom she'd had her night of debauchery. Her iffy memories recall the unlikelihood that it was her husband she'd shared the encounter with, and she is forced to backtrack to the evening before, which started with an unexpected and unexpectedly mutilated dead body and her brother in law, who is too hot and under-appreciated by his wife. Naturally, a trip to the beer garden afterwards seems the thing to do. Meeting up with old friends and making a new one was great and all, but which one of them had she gone to a hotel with...?

Ashley is left wondering as she tries to head back to the fairgrounds where she assumes she left her vehicle and meets a few unexpected surprises: someone in the back seat, a road block preventing her from leaving the fairground, and a gun in the front seat of her car.

And that is just the beginning. The book picks up again as Ashley is in a race to find out what's happening to her friends and family, why people are acting out their sexual frustrations to horrifying consequences, why there are people dying, and what manner of grotesquery is living inside the human minds of these victims? Literally!

"Dead in Bed" is a horror mystery centered on a terrifying illness that causes sexual aggression in its victims. A thoroughly entertaining and oft times shocking read written by a very talented gal who shares her own personal story with the readers at the end of each 'chapter' or 'installment'. I cannot say enough how impressed I am with her and her book, and I hope to read so much more from her in the future!

Don't want to commit to buying the book yet? Good news! "Dead in Bed" is a 7 part serial and you can get the first part at for free!

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