Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Enhancement: Black Market DNA" by Anthony J. Melchiorri (5 Stars)

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Enhancement: Black Market DNA
Black Market DNA
by Anthony J. Melchiorri

Genre: Sci-fi Medical Thriller
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**I received a copy of this book via free download from Story Cartel in exchange for my review.**

ENHANCEMENT takes place in the future year of 2058 and Christopher Morgan has just had an attempt on his life. In prison. Convicted of dealing black market, illegal genetic enhancements, he wonders if this is why someone is trying to kill him. Weirder still, is the stone-faced man waiting to hire him when he gets out.

Eventually having little choice but to accept the offered position, Chris's suspicions only escalate when a co-worker is killed. Because somehow he's involved.

This book was a lot of fun with brilliant medical thrills, dubious alibis, and a lady scientist who can stand up and knock 'em down in a fight. In other words, awesome.

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