Sunday, August 24, 2014

"Goodnight Kiss" by T.L. Onyx (5 Stars)

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Goodnight Kiss
Project Lullaby Series, Book #2
by T.L. Onyx

Genre: Sci-fi Horror

* * * * *

As a fan of T.L. Onyx's first book, PROJECT LULLABY, I was very eager to get my hands on the second part of the "Project Lullaby" series. The author gave me a copy of GOODNIGHT KISS for free in exchange for my honest review, and I can very honestly say that this book was even better than the first!

Ava returns, picking up shortly after the events at the end of Book #1, and she's hooked up with fellow assassin-gone-good, Sizer. Together, and with their cast of friends, these two young ladies are on a mission to stop the Sleeptight Corporation's plans to turn 30 new infants into killers. The only real kink in their operation (besides Ava's two other personalities residing in her head), is Jory Fremont. He's involved in the second Project Lullaby somehow and Ava needs to get him to open up. But what happens if he's the one drawing her out?

GOODNIGHT KISS is masterful in its dialogue between characters, with two reluctant heroines on a mission of mercy.

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