Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Blood on the Sand" (Z Plan #1) by Mikhail Lerma (5 Stars)

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Blood on the Sand
Z Plan #1
by Mikhail Lerma

Genre: Horror

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I totally lucked out when I joined a Facebook Giveaway event and won a book from author Mikhail Lerma. Though I did not win *his* book, he was generous enough to gift me a copy of the first book in his Z Plan series. And oh wow, did I get lucky with that!

BLOOD on the SAND was fantastic, and I absolutely believe that the author's time in the military helped bring realism to this book's characters facing an 'unreal' enemy. We become witnesses to a zombie outbreak when they overrun an Allied outpost in Iraq. Our main protagonist is Cale and he can't believe his eyes. He will have to use every ounce of his training to survive, to get out, to flee across the desert. To find a way home.

Z PLAN is a trilogy that will certainly rate at the top of my beloved zombie bookshelf!

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