Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Called by Fire" by Delwyn Jenkins (5 Stars)

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Called by Fire
The Watchtower Chronicles #1
by Delwyn Jenkins

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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I was given the privilege of downloading this book for free in exchange for my review, and wow. Just... wow. I was so taken with this book! As soon as I finished reading, I went hunting for the answer to my burning question: Was this the first book of a series? The answer is, I am delighted (and relieved) to report, YES. 

CALLED BY FIRE is the first book in a new series by new author, Delwyn Jenkins. It begins with Kamryn Vale, a Dahnan witch learning how to control her powers under the tutelage of the Collegium, an academy for witches in the World Between. Safe inside the wards protecting the grounds from the outside, she and all the other witches are shaken to the core when one of their own shows up on their doorstep, murdered. Now, another witch has disappeared and if she isn't dead already, she will be soon.

Enter Alex and his cohort, six Watchtower knights who were exiled from the Collegium hundreds of years ago. Their duty to protect Dahnan witches is put to the ultimate test when they are summoned to solve the mystery of the missing girls. Alex's willpower will soon be challenged, when he falls hard for the fire witch, Kamryn, upping the stakes in a way he never imagined.

I absolutely recommend this book! It has A LOT of super steamy sex scenes (sorry, kids!) and an edge of your seat story that will have you bumping into furniture 'cause you just can't put it down. And when you get to the end, just remember - there's going to be a book 2! Woo!

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