Friday, May 9, 2014

"The Sinister Mr. Corpse" by Jeff Strand (5 Stars)

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The Sinister Mr. Corpse
by Jeff Strand

Genre: Horror

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Stanley Dabernath used to be just a guy. Now he's not too happy about the state of his manly bits... or any of his bits, really. Ever since he was brought back to life on world wide television, Stanley has had a hard time adjusting to life as a zombie. It's not easy being dead, especially when you've got dollar signs attached to your unlife and it can all be over -again- in an instant.

Jeff Strand does it again, with this cleverly funny horror comedy, showing us what it means to be a zombie in the limelight.

Bonus! Check out the cover for this German magazine sporting a happy looking Stanley Dabernath!

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