Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blech!, two special Geek moments, and a crap ton of (these)

I feel just blech!
Really. If there was any time I would show you the spoon, now would be it. (ref. spoon theory)

 Lately I just can't seem to get a break from being in pain. I'm back to hardly able to stand up, let alone hobble anywhere, so this means I'm spending way too much freakin' time trying to prop up in bed with a gazillion pillows, 3 dogs, 1 cat and a tablet-thank-god (actually, thank the husband). The doctors (the many of them) are getting to the point where it's all about the pain management. Pool therapy is awesome if you can get carried to the car and not cry the 30 minutes to the appointment.

AND it's less than 2 weeks until Christmas, my favorite time of the year. =( I want to be hale and hearty so I can fully enjoy! Maybe Santa will finally bring me that new back and I can be a cyborg. I almost reached that goal when I had all those staples in my back.

Well. This... blows.

BUT, you find a way to live with it and enjoy life anyway and I do. I love life; I love my husband and kidlings more than my next breath (and my mom and sister and niece and dogs...), but dammit, some days I just want to go frothy animal on someone (someone who deserves it, of course, like uhm... cannibal murderers and people who leave their dogs in enclosed cars on hot days) .

So what's the point of this rambling hoopla that I will probably wish I hadn't written at 4am instead of tossing and turning and whimpering? I want to share. I want to remind myself (we all do sometimes, right?) that even when this filthy painful shite happens to me, I still have things to smile about. Like my snoring husband beside me, the chihuahua sleeping in my lap, my child peacefully asleep in her room (and because they will call me on it - my two oldest college kids who SHOULD be sleeping right now) and... 

I just realized everyone is sleeping nicely but me. -_-

No. No no. This is supposed to be a HAPPY point I am making to myself. Continue, self.

Ok, for really reals, my amazing handsome snuggleybums husband gave me my Christmas gift early. He's felt so bad about me not being able to play games anymore, on top of the more serious issue of having trouble sitting up to write, that he got me a super sexy compact alienware laptop. This little black honey can be perched comfortably on my upraised knees while I LAY IN BED ON MY BACK so I can WRITE my books, post my reviews, and holy moly, even do some gaming. Heavens to betsy I want to cry but I do enough of that already. If there was a reason for a man to earn his sexy time... Oops. Shh.
Smile with Me!

Want another sweet treat? I do! I do! Ya know how I have been geeking out about horror writer Jeff Strand e-mailing ME and gearing up to post on my blog here in March? Well, lookit this, he went one step further and blogged about it on his website. After you read it HERE, do a happy dance for me, I can't stand up but I will sinfully enjoy it if you get down and boogy for me. =D

Crap, did I just over share? I probably did, but I don't care because I may be uncomfortable but I'm damn happy to be alive and I hope you are too.

Much love,
Your Sister Sinister

p.s. (because there should always be a p.s.)
Tomorrow I will be posting 2 reviews for your jolly yule tide merriment! Division of the Marked by March McCarron and Draculas by JEFF STRAND, Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, and F. Paul Wilson. You don't want to miss these!

p.s.s. (just because)
My remaining upcoming December reviews are:  
Johnny Lonesome by Philip A. McClimon and Chris Sapp
Psychic Appeal by Michelle McCleod
Red River by Kelly Van Hull
The Last Overseer by Antoine Troia
(and perhaps one short story collection if the author wants a public review). 

In January so far, my Read to Review list includes... 
Kutter and Specimen 313 by JEFF STRAND,
American Specter by Rasheedah Prioleau
Boyfriend from Hell by E. Van Lowe.

I'm always accepting more books to review as long as you don't have a timeline. If you do, than please let me know and I will see if I can accommodate. Advance reading copies (ARCs) are accepted with glee. =D (Did I just contradict myself? I think I did...)

Must love GIRAFFES!!

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