Monday, December 9, 2013

"Wolf Hunt" by Jeff Strand (5 Stars) ***Cntdwn2Jeff***

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Wolf Hunt
by Jeff Strand

Genre: Horror

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I am reviewing this book as part of my lead-up to guest blogger Jeff Strand! "Wolf Hunt" is #1 in my series, a Countdown to Jeff.

Their names are George and Lou and they've been hired to do a job. A delivery job. Because that's what they do. They pick things up and then they deliver said things. Money... thin, pasty men in cages who might be a werewolf...

George and Lou are a team. They're best friends, they're thugs for hire and they're good enough that they can make their own rules. They don't do anything that involves kids and they won't commit murder, because they have standards. Transporting a man in a cage doesn't break their rules so they accept. As one might imagine, it's the worst mistake of their careers, let alone their lives.

Meet Ivan the werewolf. He says he isn't and he says it loudly and he doesn't appear to be afraid of his captors. He's not too keen on the scientist he's supposed to be handed over to, however, and he's pretty good at running his mouth until his transporters want to kill him out of sheer frustration.

But it's not all fun and games! It seems that dogs have a real problem with Ivan around. A suicidal, homicidal aggression that affects the smallest dog to the largest; dogs just want to kill when Ivan is near and no amount of trauma will stop them. This is how our thugs with heart save, and unwittingly take on, another passenger who can't decide what's what in this hilariously dark thrill ride that turns two professional goons into heroes when they try to recapture the psychotic Ivan who really is a werewolf with a thirst for murder!

Want your own copy? Of course you do! Run, crawl or fly over to amazon and get one for yourself and stay tuned for the next installment of Countdown to Jeff, leading up to the howdy-do of our soon-to-be guest blogger, Jeff Strand.


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