Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"What's In My Shorts" by Stan Morris (4 Stars)

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What's in My Shorts?
by Stan Morris

Genre: Mixed Short Story Anthology

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I was given this collection of shorts to read by the author and I waffled a lot over what my rating would be. There is a wide range of ideas here and the author gives a small explanation at the beginning of each short, which I always enjoy seeing. I do think that a cover update in the future would be largely beneficial and I was left wanting more on many of the stories, as they were like the Daisy Dukes of short stories (some only a page long), but the writing is skilled, even if one story in particular, the longest, greatly disturbed me!

My favorite story is called San, the Amphibian and I will tell you why: It's unique. It's refreshing. And it's FUN! San is of a race of amphibious beings that use slaves. In this case, a human girl. The author weaves a tale that expertly reminds you at every turn that this is not a human race. Through their attitude, by their chemical secretions, the way their snouts squish in... You won't want to miss San.

There is also a romantic tale of a chieftain and the princess he acquires that I really, really enjoyed, but it was New Friends that disturbed me and I won't go into detail or that would spoil it for the next reader, but I think you'll see why it affected me this way, as soon as you set your eyeballs to reading it.

Kudos, Stan Morris. For your uniqueness and your daring.

Have I interested you? I know have! See more at Goodreads and then check it out at Amazon.

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