Monday, December 9, 2013

Jeff Strand is Coming!

The Gleefully Macabre man himself!
It is with tickled, fan girl delight that I inform the world (that is, anyone who will listen) of my first ever guest poster here at Sister Sinister Speaks. The extremely talented horror writer, Jeff Strand, will be guest posting here early next year. That's in, like, just a few months!! The geek in me probably won't be able to stifle my excitement. In fact, I know I won't so I have devised a way to brag about it at a minimum of twice a month until it happens. I am calling it my Countdown to Jeff series. Clever, eh?

Every month I will post a review of two of Jeff Strand's books. If you know me or have read my post on Reviewing, you know that I am a big lover of this author's works, so this won't be a hardship, I promise you. We're going to start with my favorite book of his to date, "Wolf Hunt", a story about a couple of thugs who get more than they bargained for in the back of their delivery vehicle.

With Mr. Strand's unique brand of humor and imaginative horror, you will definitely want to check him out if you haven't already, and if you've not heard of him, now is your chance! Check out my Countdown to Jeff series and then ask yourself - "Jeff Strand, where have you been all my life?"

Can't wait? Want to know more NOW? Then visit Mr. Horror at Goodreads, Amazon, and his website to get into his self-styled and accurately described world of the gleefully macabre.


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