Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Red River" by Kelly Van Hull (4 Stars)

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Red River
Book #2, Tent City series
by Kelly Van Hull

Genre: YA/Dystopian Paranormal

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I received this book in exchange for an honest review and I have read and reviewed the first book in this series, Tent City (See that review HERE).

Red River is not as fast-paced action as Tent City. Where the first book dealt with finding a place to avoid The Council and their camps, this book took a more emotional approach with the first half of the story's setting mainly in one location with a more stationary feel to it. There was a lot of waiting-to-see and inner struggles going on with some difficult subjects introduced, such as drug addiction and abortion. It also gets a lot deeper into religion, whereas in book 1, it was more hinted at and less certain.

Another idea only touched upon in book 1, is what the characters are calling 'advancements'. A kind of power or ability that only some people seem to possess. This is explored more openly, as it should be in a second book, with main protagonist Dani trying to come to terms with what may or may not be hers.

Again, we have the love triangle (or is it a foursome, if you include Callie, who pines for one of the twin brothers), but this may too have an explanation, if God does have a hand in it as Jessica believes. So the question arises (and has been debated in a goodreads discussion group) - will it be Bentley or Jack?

And all while Dani tries to keep her little brother safe, because he just might be The Golden Child.

Want to learn more? Check it out at Goodreads and then get your own copy at Amazon!

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