Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Specimen 313" by Jeff Strand (5 Stars) ***Cntdwn2Jeff***

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Specimen 313
by Jeff Strand

Genre: Horror

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As part of my Countdown to Jeff Series, Specimen 313 gets to be #3 in the countdown!

I read this short story previously and thought it was knock-down, drag-you-about hilarious! It reminded me pleasantly of the Little Shop of Horrors movie, only this time, the plant gets the girl. No kidding. Oh, but don't worry! The girl is a plant too,  I promise. This is a leafy romance between two really big, really carnivorous experiments in meaty horticulture, getting their revenge on.

Specimen 313 will leave you blinking in surprise and giggling into your shirt collar!

Take a look at Goodreads and then experience it for yourself at amazon. You're in for a chlorophyll filled good time. Oh yeah, and it's FREE.

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