Friday, January 31, 2014

"Kutter" by Jeff Strand (5 Stars) ***Cntdwn2Jeff***

* * * * *
by Jeff Strand

Genre: Horror

* * * * *

As a part of my Countdown to Jeff Series, Kutter is #4!

This book has two of my favorite things; dogs and a great horror story.

Charlie is anti-social. He's not good looking, he hates his co-workers (well, maybe not Alicia), has no friends, and his only joy in life is tv and murdering women in his basement. Until he finds an injured little "clown-face" dog in the park. Reward money and curiosity are his initial reasons for taking the dog home, but Charlie soon finds that a dog will love you no matter what.

Will Kutter the Boston Terrier change this serial killer through unconditional love?

You want to read it too now, don't you? Well, what are you waiting for?? Go look at it at Goodreads and then buy your own bloody copy at amazon!


  1. The dog on the cover won me over with this one. I am your newest GFC follower from Book blogs, will be checking out more of your blog. Have a fantastic Sunday.

    1. Hi, Brenda!! It's a pleasure to meet you! That sweet boston terrier hooked me, too. =D I'd have been won over even if I wasn't already a fan of the author. It was like the proverbial match made in Heaven, hehehehe.