Friday, January 31, 2014

"In the End" by Tracey Ward (5 Stars)

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In the End
Quarantined #2
by Tracey Ward

Genre: Zombies!/YA Horror

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In the End is the sequel to Until the End (which I gave a small, unasked for review HERE). Whereas the first book was told from the viewpoint of university student Alissa, this book is in the POV of Jordan, the boy Alissa travels with on their survival trek through a city overrun by a zombie plague.

Jordan has a good head on his shoulders and a strong batting arm, but Alissa, whom he has fallen for, has a father who doesn't seem to like Jordan very much and doesn't much care that the two 'kids' know more about surviving this apocalypse than he does. Additionally and more importantly, Alissa has a pretty serious mental health condition that could get Jordan killed.

But it's not all fun and games! Very bad things are going to happen and the trio will have to make a life and death decision- do they join other survivors or keep on running?

These books are some of my favorites and while Alissa and Jordan's story might be over now, the author has created a new series set in the same world; the Survival series. Find my review of Book #1in this sister series HERE.

Have I gained your interest? Great! Now go check it out at goodreads and then buy your own copy at

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