Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Stock Photo Gallery is Launching!

What?! How many people are using me?
Are you a writer? An artist? Do you struggle to find just the right stock photos for your projects? Maybe you're just tired of seeing ten other people using the same exact image as you! Well then, you're in luck! Dreamscape Covers is launching a new gallery offering EXCLUSIVE rights to stock photo images.

Taken directly from the Facebook page:
Dreamscape Covers is one of the few places you can acquire exclusive rights to use an image for your cover and we DO NOT charge the amount that photographers and exclusive stock sites charge. We will be launching a gallery for you to be able to view our exclusive stock! We do not require you to use us as your cover artist either, since we understand the bond that forms between artist and author. Our main concern is that you MUST credit everyone involved in the photos you purchase. The countdown until the gallery launch begins now! Feel free to invite author and blogger friends! NOTE: Exclusive means that no one else will have the image you buy & you can use it on merchandise related to your book or blog.

If this sounds like a sweet deal to you, and I know it does, then visit Dreamscape Covers and join the Launch today!

Facebook Page - Gallery Launch Event

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