Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Alien Hunter: Genesis" by Chris Sapp (4 Stars)

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Alien Hunter: Genesis
by Chris Sapp

Genre: Campy Sci-Fi

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The author gave me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I was expecting a pretty good time. I wasn't disappointed.

Alien Hunter is a novella about a middle age actor on the dying end of a film career. Born Kris Dunn, he is better known as John Stone, his butt-kicking alter ego. He knows his career is circling the drain and the latest production of the AH franchise is total crap, but that's not why he took a break from his day job to film Alien Hunter 6: Revelations. That was purely ego. No way was he going to let some other punk revise the roll he made famous.

By the end of Chapter 2, Kris Dunn is in a real world of hurt when a not-a-meteor falls to earth and wrecks the heck out of the set of Alien Hunter, revealing a true-blue alien menace. Now it's time for this washed-up actor to revise his roll for real, becoming John Stone to fight for humanity. Oh, and he's going to get some help from a cat named Ollie.

"Alien Hunter: Genesis" brings to mind my favorite campy films in a unique, insightful way. I actually felt like I was getting a peak into the behind the scenes of movie production and being that Chris Sapp is also a screen writer, I felt pretty good about believing the less glamorous lifestyle of a low budget actor. Of course, you have to suspend belief, as well, but then that's a big part of campy movies. 

It's not about the realism - it's all about the ride, baby.

To note: The author has said he's likely not going to continue this series, though the ending does indicate another episode could be coming. I hope he will reconsider.

Are you hooked? Want to know more? Check it out at Goodreads and then buy your own darn copy at amazon!

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