Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Order of the Dimensions" by Irene Helenowski (3 Stars)

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Order of the Dimensions
by Irene Helenowski

Genre: Sci-fi

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First and foremost, I received a copy of this book in return for my honest opinion and review.

"Order of the Dimensions" is about a physics grad named Jane Kremowski and she's been working on a groundbreaking project dubbed "The Multiverser". It's purpose is to allow people to travel into other dimensions; essentially other worlds where different versions of themselves may exist leading completely different lives.

We learn that Jane's Multiverser works and she's the first to use it, but two weeks into this new dimension and she's kidnapped to another one - one where she's the wife of a man with ambitions to lord over every world and dimension. And he's her number 1 obsession.

The supporting cast of characters includes Dr. Anton Zelov, an ex-KGB mountain of a man with an interest in the project that we soon learn to be sinister. Randy, the sweet cheeks to Jane, a man she believes she might like to marry some day. And then we also are introduced to Tina, Jane's mentally impaired cousin who she cares for and loves above all.

While reading, I encountered one of those moments where you blink at the page, go back a page, read forward and then go back again, puzzling over what you missed. It happened with the first jump into another dimension, and unfortunately, the confusion continued throughout. For me, I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the story isn't really written in a way that you get to experience everything that is going on, as it's lacking crucial setting details. You have the story told at you - you are told what is happening through dialogue and simple sentences, rather than being given a rich atmosphere and vivid descriptions. This forces you to accept that things are happening (like time jumps) without having any real feeling for how it occurred.

The author has some really great ideas that she worked to share, however, with an intriguing plot that made me want to dig in and devour this book, which has me looking forward to seeing what else she has under her belt and what other stories she has to tell!

If you'd like to learn more, view "Order of the Dimensions" at Goodreads and amazon ; or you can find the book on Facebook or the author on Twitter.

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