Monday, February 24, 2014

Sometimes Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do

 Once Upon a Time, I had an Acer tablet. It was big, heavy, and wonderful. My husband called it 'clunky' but I loved my clunky tablet. It and I had been through a lot together. Briefly, it had belonged to my husband, but he gave it to me when I became bedridden with sciatic pain. When I couldn't move off my side and our eldest child wasn't available for "Golden Girls" marathons, I would open that tablet and play hours of game apps. I could read on it, netflix, game... It was a necessary distraction from my endless pain.

 Many years Tablet and I were there for each other. Tablet would play all night, running documentaries for me on Hulu so I could block out the other noises around me. I even started using it to review books for authors, as sitting up to read on the laptop or computer wasn't a comfortable option for me. So when my tablet slowed to the running speed of a sloth, my husband restored it to factory settings for me. It ran smooth, it ran cheetah fast, and it refused to accept the transfer of any files from any other device, thus rendering my book reviewing hobby a no-go.

Unacceptable! I had authors waiting on my promised reviews! What was I going to do? Get a new tablet, my husband says. A... new... *erk* tablet. New. A ... new... tablet. He even found a buyer for my old, impeccably kept Acer. BUT I DON'T LIKE NEW THINGS!!

I think you can see how this change was something I wasn't looking forward to. And when that pretty new tablet with the chocolatey metallic siding came home, I was leery. I watched my husband play with it and I wasn't sure I wanted to. I looked at it. Put it aside. Later that night, I transferred my books to review, easy peasy. Ok, that was nice. And it was HD. Not bad. But it was slippery! I couldn't prop it up, holding it was a pain in the rear, and I was right all along! A new tablet couldn't be as perfect as my old one. Until the husband bought me a cover-slash-stand.

Sunrise! Beautiful magic happened and now I love my new Samsung friend. I still love and miss my Acer, but making new friends is good too. So here's to my husband, who knows when I need something replaced and isn't afraid to hear me whine about it. And here's to my new Galaxy Tab. You both rock.

 Also, there is a lesson to be had here, but I have a tablet to get back to.

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