Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Bloody Mess" by Joshua Phillips (5 Stars) Re-review!

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Bloody Mess
A Crimson City Tale series
by Joshua M. Phillips

Genre: Thriller/Crime Fiction

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I previously reviewed this title when the author gave me a copy in exchange for my honest review and then as now, I would describe "Bloody Mess" as a novella of revenge. Since then, however, Joshua M. Phillips listened to the thoughts and opinions of his readers, weighed them, and then made some changes. Now, the new edition is out featuring the fresh paint of a professionally edited tale of the Crimson City!

Detective Jonathon Saint works the Crimson City beat, a city plagued by a corrupt and lax judicial system, where crime pays and brutality is the spice of life. Det. Saint isn't afraid to rough up his perps- he's an ask questions later kind of guy, and he's hot on the trail of Blud, a red colored version of cocaine. His partner and best friend, Det. Jerry Fuentes isn't quite as dedicated as Saint and likes to spend his considerable paycheck as fast as he gets it. And he's kind of a tool.

Saint may be a tough guy but he loves his wife and when the bad guys eff with his life, it's going to be a Bloody Mess.

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