Friday, November 15, 2013

"Pallitine Rising" by Roderick Davidson (4 Stars)

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Pallitine Rising
Book #1, Pallitine's Path
by Roderick Davidson

Genre: Fantasy
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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and I really love the cover art, first of all! Very striking.

The book begins with an encounter, a fight for life between four Pallitines (an Order of noble Knights) and a fire-spitting wyrm, where the outcome figures greatly later on. Then next we meet Taryn, a girl living at the bottom of the barrel in the worst part of the city until she flees and runs into a Pallitine who will offer her the chance to become so much more.

Sometimes the story jumps ahead in weeks or years, which I can appreciate though it can be a little jarring, as Taryn learns how to become a Pallitine. Trust is hard for her to give and she must suffer through injury and betrayal on her journey to becoming vetted, with intrigue and loss close to hand.

Roderick Davidson did a fantastic job keeping my attention, which isn't easy for me when it comes to fantasy books these days, and I am greatly looking forward to more from him in the future!

Find it on Goodreads and then buy your copy on amazon today!

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