Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"The Strong Brain" by Nathan Yocum (4 Stars)

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The Strong Brain
by Nathan Yocum

Genre: Horror

* * * *

I received a copy of "The Strong Brain" for review and I was at first drawn in by the cover art, which looks like a dime store comic. Very cool approach. Next, I was engrossed in the stirring imagery the author painted on every page, not always an easy task when so much of what's going on is happening in the minds of the characters.

Simon Craig is drinking himself to death; he has a mind that shuts out nothing. His world is a nightmare of drug abuse, psych wards, and alcoholism - not great when you're also passing as a private detective. But when he takes a case that is more than he thought it was, things quickly spiral out of his control altogether.

Enter Damsel. She's an assassin but not by her choosing. She's a puppet with no memories of her past before she became so, and her life is a violent, psychotic episode. When she's not on a mission of death dealing, she's trapped in a mental prison of torture and abuse.

When these two unfortunate souls come together, they find themselves on the run from Damsel's puppeteer. A man with a mind unlike anything Simon has experienced before.

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