Monday, November 11, 2013

"A Note Below" by Andrew Butcher (4 Stars)

* * * *
A Note Below
A Lansin Island Short Story
by Andrew Butcher

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

* * * *

I received a copy of this short story along with the first two books in the series, A Death Displaced and A Body Displaced.

This was a good old fashioned ghost story set in the Lansin Island 'verse, about a family man whose life takes a strange turn when his dog starts hiding at the top of their lighthouse home. Readers of the series will get to visit with an 'old' friend, who may or not be able to help skeptic Gavin Locke.

The ending was sweet and sad and I can't tell you more than that - you'll have to get your own copy! =D

You can find out more at Goodreads, or just pick it up for yourself at Amazon. It's FREE!

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