Friday, November 8, 2013

"The Cult of Me" by Michael Brookes (4 Stars)

* * * *
The Cult of Me
Book #1, The Third Path Trilogy
by Michael Brookes

Genre: Paranormal Horror/Psychological Thriller

* * * *

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and wow, this book was seriously disturbing! If you're a fan of reading about messed up minds, this one is for you!

Author Michael Brookes takes us for a ride through the eyes of a killer, but not just any killer. Willfully imprisoned, this murderer is planning a last stand, a way to go out big and sensational. He has a plan and a metaphysical way of seeing it through. Only, he didn't bank on having any opposition he couldn't overcome with the powers of his unusual mind.

 There is more in store for the prisoner than he ever imagined. Will he accept an unbelievable offer or laugh at it and let the world come crashing down? It's hard to predict when you are following a lead character you can't relate to and aren't exactly rooting for, but it kept you reading because you just have to see what happens next.

"The Cult of Me" was definitely different and executed with skill, though one more edit would have been great to get rid of some of those lingering words and ill-placed or forgotten commas, just to give it a better flow. Regardless, you won't find another book like it, I think, and you certainly won't be expecting the ending! At least, I didn't.

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