Saturday, November 2, 2013

"Red Dust: The Fall" by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell (3 Stars)

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Red Dust: The Fall
Red Dust Omnibus
by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell

Genre: Zombie Western

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I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review, so here it is!

"Red Dust: The Fall" contains three short stories set in the 19th century wild west America. There is a plague a-foot and we start the journey with Masterson, a mountain man searching for a missing party of settlers lost during the long winter months. Masterson is able to locate an abandoned journal in the snowy mountains, a diary of events written by a member of the group he is trying to find.

Next, we follow a mysterious loner named Griffin, as he rides into a dusty town where there are two factions at war, and one of them is herding zombies for his own personal revenge.

In the third story, we saddle up with a Pony Express rider on a mission he will stop at nothing to complete. This story was the best in my opinion, but it also was the choppiest. Each encounter was short and to the point and I feel would have been better served as a full-length novel, or a novella at the least, allowing each scenario far more time for fleshing out. The concept was awesome and deserves a showcase. I'd love to see the authors expand on this idea and tell Isaac's story fully.

Collectively, there were quite a few errors that would benefit from another edit but the ideas, concepts, and overall story-telling were very well written and exciting, but I just had this feeling as if I was missing something. Each tale felt too rushed and like I was excluded from important details, as if each short was a highly condensed peek at a larger novel, which I would love to see done in the future!

That being said, you had me at zombie western.

Want to learn more? Find it HERE on goodreads or pick up your own copy today at amazon!

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