Saturday, November 9, 2013

"H.E.L.L. Nicole's Odyssey" by Philip A. McClimon (5 Stars)

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Nicole's Odyssey
A Journey Through the Zombie Apocalypse
The H.E.L.L. Series
(Human Extinction Level Loss)
by Philip A. McClimon

Genre: Zombies!

* * * * *

The author gave me a free copy of this book and I had to review it, it just deserves it! I had read for review the novella "H.E.L.L. The Last Stand of Gary Sykes" and was thrilled with the story and the dialogue, a humorous horror about a skinny nerd working in a power station who just happens to be at work when the zombies hit the world. Though written after "Nicole's Odyssey", "Gary Sykes" is the prequel but does not have to be read first in order to love Nicole and her Journey through the Apocalypse.

Nicole has a poor relationship with her father, if you can call it even that, but since zombies have pretty much ruined everything, she decides to take a road trip to find him. As with all things zombie, things are never easy and Nicole thinks she might be hallucinating when she raids a Home Improvement Center and finds a clerk at the register. But she's not. It's just Sam, and Sam has a bug problem...

With a beautiful, updated cover and a sequel on the way, you just have to read Nicole's Odyssey. I don't think you will regret it.

Pick up your own copy at amazon and then check out the author's blog.

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