Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Little of This, A Little More of This

Every now and then something happens that side-rails us. Usually it's going to be something gossip worthy, and while I would love to tap these keys right now and produce a witty but sincere apology for my last, almost 2 weeks of absence, I'm afraid that I'm so exhausted that what I really need to do is sleep before I puke on my keyboard and gum it up. So without divulging the private reasons for my internet silence, I will say that I am sorry for keeping anyone waiting. I will return to my (mostly) regular blog posts and reviews as soon as I return from the land of the so deeply asleep that my pillow saturates with drool. When I do, I expect this evening or tomorrow, I will start posting a post a day until I get caught up on all the reviews I currently owe.

In the meantime... Some very interesting articles you might enjoy!

Hugh Howey, known for his success in self-publishing his "Wool" series, has a lot to say about how we can encourage children to read and write. He also posts often about the self-publishing industry and how it can reap big rewards. If you've been wondering if it's worth it, I suggest you read some of his blogging. He offers advice, data and statistics, as well as his experiences with writing and publishing; both through self-publishing and the traditional route. His website is definitely worthy of following!

Want to publish the traditional route but you've had a rejection or two and it's making you rethink it? Don't! Check out this article, "Don't give up until you've queried 80 agents or more" !

Horror writer extraordinaire, Brian Keene, gives us a little help in how to be nominated for a Bram Stoker award !!

...Have fun and "see" you soon. =)

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