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"Life Force" by Kevis Hendrickson (5 Stars)

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Life Force
Rogue Hunter #3
by Kevis Hendrickson

Genre: Sci-fi

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!Disclaimer Time!  I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I will also make a note in advance that this story contains some hard subjects, mature material, and some possible triggers.

We re-join intergalactic bounty hunter, Zyra Zanr, shortly after her abduction and escape from her enemies in the previous book, "Dark Space". Zyra's a different woman now, she's vulnerable and there's something not quite right with her body; she's healing faster than normal and she doesn't feel like herself. Checking in to the clinic on the world known as Phoenix for care, she meets the handsome doctor, Ryan, a man on a mission to stop the aging process and prevent death from ever taking anyone ever again.

I experienced a real emotional roller coaster while reading this book. Unlike the first two books, the author warns us in a foreword that this is a bit of a departure from the action packed badassery we enjoyed in Book 1 and 2. As I had a bit of foreknowledge before I even received a copy, I was expecting something different, something much more personal and I wasn't let down. Zyra is emotionally raw and open and makes some really bad choices that I found really hard to swallow.

Don't be surprised if Zyra (and more so Doctor Ryan) makes you angry; if she makes you shout "why?". Don't be surprised if she makes you sad. I questioned a lot of what Zyra did in this book, but not for the reasons you might think. It was because Zyra was very human and I felt a lot of hurt reading "Life Force". It's not an easy read and it's not your typical science fiction fodder. What it is is a human story with a sci-fi backdrop told by a talented, wonderful writer and person.

Please read my reviews of Book #1 "Inquest" and Book #2 "Dark Space" and my interview with the author. Before you read "Life Force". You'll see what I mean when you experience it, too.

Kevis Hendrickson's Website.
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