Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"H.E.L.L. Liberation" by Philip A. McClimon (5 Stars)

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H.E.L.L. Liberation
H.E.L.L. (Human Extinction Level Loss) Series
by Philip A. McClimon

Genre: Horror/Zombies!

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and I have previously read & reviewed the novellas that come before it in chronological order: TEST SUBJECT (a free download you can get by signing up for the author's newsletter), SUBSTATION, and NICOLE'S ODYSSEY.

This story returns to Beverly, a survivor from SUBSTATION, who is trying to keep her husband and son alive, but it gets harder every minute of every day. A small hope, but the only hope, comes in the form of a twice daily broadcast from other survivors welcoming them to a community in the mountains. On their desperate trek to reach other people, they will meet a sheriff who has been alone for far too long and just might be better off that way.

"Liberation" is by far my favorite book in the series, though you can enjoy it without having read the previous titles. LIBERATION really dug deep into the emotional battleground of the characters within, making this story a raw, gripping read. I'm going to freely admit I cried.

I urge you to pick up your own copy at amazon! And check out the author's website, my interview with him, and his books at Goodreads.

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