Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"Moon Angel" by F.W. Pinkerton (3 Stars)

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Moon Angel
Book #1, Moon Angel series
by F.W. Pinkerton

Genre: Fantasy

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and I have to say it, I love the cover art. It's a real attention grabber!

"Moon Angel" is a story about a girl who is the social pariah of her school, hardly cared about by her parents, and just trying to make it from day to day. Around her 16th birthday, she experiences an awakening of power; she begins to undergo physical changes, attracts more attention, and receives some very special gifts from her deceased, never known grandmother.

Her name is Katie and she's learning that she's something called a Moon Angel, a being of immense power and huge responsibility. She can walk in the dreams of others, she glows in moonlight, and she has a cat for a Guardian. Oh, and there's this hot boy who comes whenever she blows a silver whistle...

There are some oddities with Katie's behavior, however, that I did have some trouble with, such as how quickly her mood turns to anger to tears to laughter, and not always at what I would think were appropriate circumstances. And sometimes she doesn't seem to show enough issue with the changes going on, such as how her parents suddenly give a crap as soon as she turns 16 and how the kids at school all of a sudden start talking to her, and I expected a much bigger reaction to the mounts we see near the end. But overall, I enjoyed this book and I want to read more (and learn more about Gabe!), as F.W. is a very talented writer and I'm curious what's next in store for Katie Reynolds, newest Moon Angel.

Want to know more? Check it out at Goodreads and then head over to amazon and buy your own copy!

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