Friday, October 4, 2013

"A Death Displaced" by Andrew Butcher (4 Stars)

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A Death Displaced
Book #1, Lansin Island series
by Andrew Butcher

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and overall I was pleased with this start to a new series! The writing is professional and I felt it to be engaging, the story switching POVs every other chapter from Nick (a rather unambitious lad working part time for a New Age shop) to Juliet (an ambitious restaurant owner).

It starts with an averted accident that will forever change both characters in profound ways, from seeing ghosts to seeing the future. There's some scary mind-control and a murder along the way and yes, there were more questions asked (as there should be in a series!), many more questions were answered, and while parts of the story sometimes felt weighed down and slow moving, it was definitely worth following to the end. In particular, I like that there was some growing going on with Nick, especially and I look forward to witnessing more as Lansin Island continues in book 2.

Because of the occasional slow pacing and my strong dislike of way too many secrets and lies being kept and told by the main characters (and because I wanted to shake Juliet until her teeth fell out... Give the guy a break, lady! ;) ), I gave A Death Displaced 4 stars.

You can purchase A Death Displaced at amazon, currently free for Kindle! And check out Andrew Butcher's website HERE for more information.

Happy Reading!

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