Sunday, October 20, 2013

"H.E.L.L. Substation: The Last Stand of Gary Sykes" by Philip A. McClimon (5 Stars)

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H.E.L.L. Substation: The Last Stand of Gary Sykes
Book 1 in the H.E.L.L. series
by Philip A. McClimon

Genre: Zombies!
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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and I give it a delicious 5 stars! First of all, things go down almost right away, which I love. Second, the realization of what's coming happens in a place I can't remember reading as a location in other books - a power station. Third, and what really set the mood for me, was the dialogue. I found it to be entertaining without losing believability.

Gary Sykes is a nerd. We meet him whilst he is engrossed at work in his Dungeons & Dragons, a blast from the past for me! He's working his shift with Beverly, a clerk who is holding down two jobs since her husband's disabling injury, and two knuckle-dragger engineers named Reggie and Mack. They think it's same-old, same-old but Beverly can't reach 9-1-1 to report an accident and when their manager, Jason Johnson arrives... things start to get real.

This book wasn't long but it sure was sweet and Philip A. McClimon has earned himself another fan!

If you'd like to see why I enjoyed it so much, find out more at Goodreads or pick up your own copy at amazon. Have fun!


  1. Thanks Rebecca! I really appreciate your kind words. Awesome site you have here, it's bookmarked now!

    1. Thank you!! I look forward to more journeys into H.E.L.L. with you. =D