Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"Riddle in Stone" by Robert Evert (5 Stars)

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 Riddle in Stone
Book #1, Riddle in Stone series
by Robert Evert

Genre: Dark Fantasy

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 This is the first book that I will call the beginning of my book reviewing career. *grins* I actually selected it for my To-Read list at Goodreads and the author contacted me to thank me for my interest. After some very nice back and forth chatting, I decided to purchase the book and offered to review it when I was done. My review is as follows.

 I found Riddle in Stone to be an enjoyable, dark and gritty, no holds barred fantasy with an intriguing, all too human protagonist. Edmund could be you at the start, just an average joe. He's overweight, he stutters, and he feels like there's something more to life beyond his small world.

In a desperate rush to become something grander and thus more attractive to the woman he loves, Edmund the Librarian sets out to recover an ancient artifact...

I give Edmund (and Riddle) 5 stars for being human. He's not always likeable but he's real. In a world of fantasy, this can sometimes be overlooked or just plain forgotten. But not here. Oh, and I love you, Thorax!!

You can read more about Riddle in Stone at Goodreads and purchase it at amazon.

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