Monday, October 21, 2013

"Thirty Scary Tales" by Rayne Hall (5 Stars)

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Thirty Scary Tales
by Rayne Hall

Genre: Horror
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I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and was very pleased that I did. I don't generally read many short story anthologies unless I've been reading related work by the author; they often seem too short to me and don't always wrap up the tale in a way I'm happy with. I'd seen a few teasers of Rayne Hall's work before and decided this was a great opportunity to give her a shot.

As the author states in her introduction, fear is personal. What might scare one person may not even get a thrill out of the next. I admit that I haven't been scared by a book in ages (save anxiety you feel when you worry a character you like will be offed). Probably I read too many horror stories! That is why I take my hat (if I wore one) off to the author for giving me a sweaty chill when I read "The Bridge Chamber". The claustrophobic in me imagined this a little too well!

Rayne Hall's grasp of relating atmosphere is superb and I really fancied the small additions at the end of each short story, giving you a little insight into where her ideas came from for each. This lady sounds like she's lived a colorful life, to the reader's benefit for sure.

If you'd like to read this collection, you can pick up your own copy at amazon or learn more about it at goodreads.

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