Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"The Vicious Deep" by Zoraida Córdova (5 Stars)

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The Vicious Deep
Book #1, The Vicious Deep Series
by Zoraida Córdova

Genre: YA Mythology

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"The Vicious Deep" is one of those books you can't put down. The author is a woman writing from the POV of a teenage boy who turns into, much to his dismay, a merman (or mer dude, as Tristan prefers to be called), and she pulls it off beautifully! You could absolutely believe a teenage boy is telling his story and that was a big part of the magic of this book for me. Add in mythology, humor, some romance and you have a glowing winner in my humble opinion.

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**I was not asked to review this book, but I just had to. =D

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