Monday, October 14, 2013

"The Last Alive" by H.L. Wampler (4 Stars)

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The Last Alive
by H.L. Wampler


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I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and my initial thoughts upon opening it were that I was going to have to dock a star for lack of formatting. On my tablet's kindle reader, there was zero formatting, as if the publisher uploaded a .txt version of the manuscript. I didn't want this to affect my overall review so I wrote the author and let her know there was an issue, to which she immediately contacted her publisher and gifted me a revised copy, which I was thrilled about, both for the quick response and the updated book. Star NOT removed! =D

The book itself takes off right from the start, with the main protagonist and heroine, Emma, whose sister is dying in the hospital. Said sister is pronounced and Emma, confused and in shock, finds herself suddenly and horribly running for her life. All thanks to her sister miraculously waking from the dead and biting a nurse.

Emma bumps into a young doctor named Nathan, who is understandably slow to believe that Emma's sister could possibly be undead, and joins Emma on her mad dash to freedom.

The Last Alive alternates between Emma and Nathan's escape (and budding attraction), to the present time -where Emma and her best friend Meaghan leave the relative safety of the compound they have lived in for the last few years, in order to find and rescue a missing Nathan.

Want to know what happens? You bet you do- pick up a copy and find out!

You can read more about The Last Alive at Goodreads, or buy a copy, print or kindle ready, at amazon.

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